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Weight Loss Gadgets – Our 9 Must-Have Tools

Weight Loss Gadgets – Our 9 Must-Have Tools

Whatever your weight loss goal is there are a few things available for you which will help you achieve it. If you’re going to succeed on your Optavia journey these weight loss gadgets are must have the tools to help you achieve your health goals. It will be a lot easier if you have a few gadgets necessary create the healthy lifestyle you desire. If you want to succeed on your journey these are things you need.

Achieving weight loss goals can be difficult as it is. Now that you’ve invested in creating the new life you desire and we know how even the smallest frustration can send us off track, but with the right kitchen tools it can be a lot easier. Many people struggle to stick with their weight loss goals because they don’t have the proper gadgets to help them create healthy meals.

What’s so ironic about your journey is that you’ll go through phases. Most people start out all about the food. The next phase becomes “I don’t care if it tastes like dirt, I love the way I feel!” The final phase is, “I can’t wait to take old recipes and make them healthy!” The weight loss gadgets we’re going recommend for you in this article will last while you’re losing weight and long after you’ve lost that body fat!

Our Favorite Kitchen Gadgets for Weight Loss

Food Scale

Our Pick the Etekcity .1g Food Scale

If you’re following the Optavia diet, using a food scale is a must. It’s the same kind of importance fitness trackers are for gym rats. Here’s why:

A food scale ensures that you’re eating the right portion sizes.

Eyeballing your lean and green portions is the perfect way to gain weight. You can’t tell your body mass index by looking in a mirror and you can’t tell the weight of your chicken without using a smart scales like the one is a weight loss gadget we recommend. We don’t want you to have all those calories burned get reversed on you!

Eating the correct portion sizes is key to losing weight on the Optavia diet.

Remember, on this program it’s not about counting how many calories you eat in a day. We don’t make you do label market research. Like we talked about in this article on Fat Burn the reason people lose such a high amount of their body fat percentage is because we work on portion control and macro nutrition. It’s key to fill your lunch box with the right portions and your digital scale will do that.

Without a food scale, it can be difficult to tell how much food you’re actually eating.

One of the biggest things we felt on our journey after weighing out our favorite lean and green meals was the amount of food. You may not know exactly how many calories you’re eating but you will be blown away at how much a real lean and green is. It’s some clients’ favorite part of portion control!

Why We Love The Etekcity Smart Scale

the gadget for weight loss is a scale that has a detachable bowl that makes clean up easy and storage easy


Accuracy is everything when it comes to weight loss and kitchen gadgets. The Etekcity Smart Scale is one of the most accurate kitchen scales on the market, and it’s grat for people who are looking to lose weight. As a scale goes, it processes work properly and that’s what matters most.

Removable bowl

Second, the scale is equipped with a removable bowl, which makes it easy to clean and store. The bowl on this scale is great for measuring mixed ingredients and tare measurements. When you’re not using it, you can turn it upside down and put it over the scale to keep it safe. This way, it doesn’t take up too much space.

Automatic and Convenient

The scale has a number of features that make it perfect for meal prep. First, it has an auto-calibration function that ensures accurate readings every time. Plus the scale has an automatic shut-off function that prevents accidental over measurement.

Measuring Spoons

Our Pick: Cuttle Lab Complete Set

Measuring spoons may seem insignificant losing weight but they are essential in measuring food portions. Portion sizes have increased over the years and with it so has the average weight and girth of Americans. This is where measuring spoons come in – by accurately measuring your food portions, you can ensure you’re getting the right amount of greens or fat percentage in your meals.

Wether you’re making the perfect cauliflower crust or just measuring out the approved sauce

Be honest, how often before now have you used a gadget to measure olive oil before you throw it in that non stick pan? That’s why good spoons are the most underrated meal prep tools. Of all the measuring spoons Amazon offers we like these.

Why We Love CuttleLab’s Complete Set

measuring spoons including multiple colors and sizes.  Perfect gadget for weight loss
  • It’s a complete 22 Piece set including cups, spoons, and even include a magnetic conversion chart.
  • Every cup size you’ll ever need and a built in leveler!
  • All your basic measuring spoons PLUS mini spoons including “drop,” “smidgen,” “pinch,” “dash,” and “tad!”
  • Four color options because style matters in the kitchen too!
  • We’re not alone! They’ve received countless positive review!

The Spiralizer

Our Pick: Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer

The spiralizer is a key gadget for every Optavia client. It quickly and easily transforms vegetables into noodles, which makes it a great way to add more vegetables to your Optavia diet. When you’re meal planning you’ll be amazed at how many recipes call for zoodles. While this isn’t one of the smart devices on our list it’s smart for you to have one in your kitchen!

Why We Love Briefton’s

The Brieftons spiralizer is our pick because it is easy to use and comes with five different blades which will provide enhanced functionality, so you can create a variety of noodle shapes. It also has a suction cup base that keeps it stable on your countertop.

It has an extra blade caddy for safe blade storage – no more loose attachments. Plus it’s quick release mechanism of blade rack for the most compact storage. It’s just easy to use and they’ve worked hard to improve existing systems.

Chopper, Slicer, Grater (3 Gadgets)

Our Pick: Fullstar All-in-1 Chopper/Mandoline/Cheese Grater

You can get carried away with all the tools and it can fill your cabinets quick. I mean you’re trying to lose weight on this journey and not from lifting items in and out of your cupboards. It makes all the difference when you come across one tool that does multiple things and takes up little space!

Why We Love Fullstar’s All-in-One for Weight Loss Gadgets

The Fullstar is our pick because it chops, slices and grates – plus it has a julienne slicer! It comes with a safety guard and four different blades. The safety guard is important to have on hand as it protects your fingers from the blades. It’s also dishwasher safe, which makes cleanup a breeze.

Displays five different ways to use the chopper including dicer, slicer, julian, mandoline, grater and mini dicer. Gadget for Weight Loss
  • One gadget for multiple uses
  • Multiple cuts of your veggies which is great when you want to make zucchini chips one night and zucchini lasagna the next!
  • Easy to use, clean and store!

Food Storage Containers

Our Pick: SimpleHouseware Crystal Clear Over the Toor Hanging Pantry Organizer

Let’s be honest of all the weight loss gadgets this one may be the most important. Sure, there is an egg cooker amazon will sell you for soft boiled eggs. And of course there are some non stick pan amazon options for you. But this one matters more than every one of the smart scales we could recommend.

One of the things you love about the 5&1 journey is no meal prepping is required. However, those portion control fuelings take up a lot of space in your pantry. We highly recommend you find a way to store your fuelings that are the big part of your body fat percentage dropping!

Why We Like SimpleHouseware Crystal Clear Over the Door Hanging Pantry Organizer

We know of tons of clients who use SimpleHouseware’s Crystal Clear Over the Door Hanging Pantry Organizer for a while now, and we really like it. It’s made our pantry more organized and easier to access. Plus, it’s clear so we can see our fuelings a glance.

Here are some of the things we like about it:

  • It’s clear, so we can see our food at a glance.
  • It hangs over the door, so it doesn’t take up any extra space.
  • It’s a two pack so we can store every fueling we have. Being able to see our cookies enable us to make what we want and not waste a fueling grabbing the wrong thing.

Air Fryer / Smart Countertop Oven

Our Pick: Ninja DT201 Foodi 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fry Digital Countertop Convection Toaster Oven

You’ll find a lot of lean and green recipes that make you feel like you can’t pan fry anything (and I love my cast iron skillet). Truth is if you’re trying to drop body fat percentage and lose weight the pan is not typically your friend.

This tool isn’t a must but after going through four different extreme toaster ovens (yes we said four in just five years) we are obsessed with this device’s unique combination of features and ease of use.

Because we’ve searched for so many ovens to fit our needs, all our social media services and the targeted advertising that fills our feed shows us every instant pot amazon offers, all the healthy and meal prep gadgets you can imagine and even one hundred different fitness trackers available.

But none of the label ads, insider reviews or “honest reviews” we’ve received from so many third party providers could steer us away from this oven.

It’s received countless reviews but we’ll add ours here.

Why We Love The Foodi For Losing Body Fat

It does all the things

  • bake
  • air fry
  • broil
  • reheat
  • dehydrate
  • Even full roast!

Built in Thermometer

We never worry about over cooking our food because the Foodi knows the temp and cooks till we are done!

Two Level Cook

We can cook a whole chicken on the roasting pan and the vegetables for our green on a regular aluminum sheet pan at the same time. That’s so efficient!

Legit Air Fry

We all know how much extra fat air frying saves us from. But most air fryers prevent how much extra fat we eat. They also preven us from experiencing crispy tasty foods. Not the Foodi!

Fast Pre-Heat

No matter the moisture and cold temperatures you may be experiencing the this oven gets to temp in 90 seconds! That also means when you are meal planning, you can cut the prep/cook time way down.

Obviously we love the Foodi and believe it’s worth every penny as you lose weight and well after!

Waffle Maker

Our Pick: Dash Mini Waffle Maker

We won’t waste your time reviewing this because we went into great detail with some recipes and all on this article here: The Amazing Dash Mini Waffle Iron

Dash Mini Waffle Maker Blue

But if you want just one gadget specifically for your journey, the Dash is it! We use it every day to this day! That’s five years of return on our really small investment. A Dash and a measuring spoon is all you need to convert your fuelings into masterpieces every time!

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of the best gadgets for Optavia clients trying to lose weight and make good use of those calories burned! What other gadgets do you think are essential for success? Comment below and let us know what we missed!

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